Redefining culture for health and prosperity

About Us

Ryculture Health and Social Innovation is a forward looking social enterprise committed to improving access to healthcare services and promoting general human wellbeing through human capacity development and health systems strengthening interventions.

We are creating a new culture, a new norm and a new way of addressing global concerns by fostering social responsibility for sustainable societies. We are edifying societies.

Our Programmes

Ryculture Health Advocacy

We conduct our heath advocacy program through the conduct of plenary sessions, workshops, focused group discussions and support forums aimed at gaining insight, identifying key needs and establishing interventions to meet these needs. We conduct review & analysis of findings and provide evidence-backed insights on health advocacy, health systems and policy.

Our focus areas include:...

Ryculture YouTH Voices

Young people are a huge and important pool of  knowledge in terms of social issues affecting their communities, insights on working solutions and probable interventions needed to serve these needs. In order to tap into this and empower young people to contribute to development of solutions affecting them, we provide a platform for bold and open dialogue by the youth towards edification of their communities.

Ryculture Social Innovation Hub

Through Ryculture Social Innovation Hub, we provide support to young people with innovative ideas and potential to solve social problems. We work to provide innovation development support and guidance through the innovation and leverage on our market linkages to help them execute and scale their offerings for impact.

We have confidence in the innovativeness of young people coupled with their intent to...

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